Lucy Rosen featured in “How to Get the Most Out of IT Conferences”

Technology professionals and experts offer tips to make attending events pay off for your IT career. It’s more than just handing out a bunch of business cards. Success takes planning and follow-through.

Justin F. Bastin attends just a few conferences a year, but he still manages to parlay these occasional events into crucial career-building sessions. “As far as the value return on conferences, it far exceeds going to the classroom. I’m able to look at various technologies in different fields, and I’m able to dabble in different areas,” says Bastin, an IT analyst at The Sherwin-Williams Co. That doesn’t happen by chance, though. Bastin says when he goes to a conference, he knows what he wants to get out of it and plans ahead to make sure he hits his targets. He volunteers and networks. He has given presentations, too. As he puts it: “You get out of a conference as much as you put in.” But what, exactly, does it really take to turn conference attendance into a career-enhancing opportunity? It takes more than just showing up with business cards in hand. Career coaches, networking experts and experienced IT professionals say it’s really about being strategic and following some key steps:



Why You Should Talk to Strangers

One of my very first PR clients was a small vet clinic. I was in my 20′s. full of enthusiasm, big ideas and endless ideas. We worked together for several years, created an annual event that lasted years- growing bigger and bigger. When I left NM and went to NY and he left NM and went somewhere… we lost touch for over 25 years and last weekend when I was getting a manicure – one of my “things” I miss most about NY when I’m in NM, I started up a “conversation” with a woman in the next chair. “What do you do?” I asked. “I’m an attorney, just starting my practice” she answered. “Oh, congratulations” I say ” If I can help you connect with any of the women’s business groups here, I’m happy to”- Then I notice all the scratches on her arms and I ask her if she is a rose bush pruner too… and she says “My fiance is a vet and I help him sometimes” I then proceed to tell her that one of my first clients and favorite clients was a vet here in town… and his name was Dr.Fitzpatrick, but he moved away… and her face lit up and she says “But that’s my fiance!” “We just moved back and he opened his practice again”

Guess who called me today to meet with him next week! :)


Workplace Training Center presents Fast Track Networking

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You’ve heard the great networking stories from your friends and business colleagues – amazing partnerships, deals closed in an evening, serendipitous chance encounters that end very lucratively for all involved.

So how come networking doesn’t work that way for everybody? Ever feel left out, like you’re missing some key secret ingredient that would make networking pay off like that for you?

How do you secure that new client? Form t…hat new partnership? Or even land that new job?

Time to get some new answers and strategies from someone in the know. Join nationally-known networking expert and business strategist Lucy Rosen as she offers timely, valuable insight into one of today’s most critical business activities: networking.

As the author of the newly-released book Fast Track Networking: Turning Conversations into Contacts (Career Press, June 2010), Rosen has turned thousands of her simple, everyday conversations into valuable connections for herself and her business through the power of networking. She’s used her networking finesse to help countless professionals throughout all industries learn the networking “tips and tricks” that have enabled them to build the relationships that grow their businesses, drive their profits, and find success exponentially.

And now, she’s on a mission to share her insight and expertise with others nationwide through an exciting and thought-provoking interactive presentation. Her invaluable “networking nuances” are proven to put today’s professionals not only on the networking “fast track” – you’ll be on the right track when it comes to achieving career success in today’s complex business world, simply by making the most of your connections and interactions.

During this fast-paced presentation filled with countless networking tips and techniques, Rosen, who has been dubbed the “Queen of Networking” by her clients and by media nationwide, will reveal the secrets to successful networking in a difficult economy, highlighting what works and what can lead to miserable disaster when it comes to networking today.

Through her easy-to-implement plan and her unique approach to networking, participants will have the chance to learn how not only to enhance their networking skills but how to network more naturally, why they should network unconditionally – and the secrets to networking that will get the results you need for your business today.

Networking has become like a new currency in this tough economy, and anyone can be flush with lucrative networking skills, if you take the time to develop yourself in this business-building art. This accredited fast track networking training conference will provide you with the tangible tools and techniques you need to approach networking in a whole new light. Sign up today for a chance to hear and learn, first-hand, the secrets of a non-stop (and successful) networker!

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Ten Steps to Effective Networking

  1. Know you business, and know it well
  2. Be able to describe what you do in a few clear sentences
  3. Know what you want and need from networking
  4. Know what you have to offer other people through networking
  5. Be selective.  Find out where you need to go to meet the people you want to meet and make a point of getting there
  6. Understand how networking works; it’s a relationship that you build over time
  7. Act as an ambassador of goodwill whenever you attend an event or meeting.  Circulate.  Meet everyone you possibly can, and involve yourself in conversation
  8. Think give, not get
  9. Listen actively to other people
  10. Follow up with contacts promptly by telephone or letter, and be sure to stay in touch

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Whether you are looking to secure a new deal—or land a new job—Fast Track Networking gives you the tools you’ll need to put the power of networking to work for you. You’ll be amazed at the opportunities that will unfold once you begin to network right…and unconditionally. Through hundreds of valuable tips and dozens of networking success stories, you’ll learn the “tricks of the trade” from the woman dubbed the “Queen of Networking,” including how to:

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