Lucy Rosen | Public Speaker, Author and Networking Expert

Business Networking and Business Referrals:

Referred to as the “Queen of Networking” by the media, her clients – and the thousands of people she networks with each year – Lucy Rosen has helped countless people advance their careers through the power of networking and business referrals. A successful entrepreneur and established business leader, she is also the founder of the unique women’s networking organization “Women on the Fast Track” ( – which she has grown from a small group of five women meeting in a New York City conference room, to a thriving international women’s networking organization with chapters throughout the world.

As the consummate networker with hundreds of tips and success stories to share, Lucy brings a unique perspective to the concept of networking and is a sought-after expert on the subject. She brings her networking expertise to millions of people a year through national and regional media interviews, speaking engagements, published articles and now, her highly anticipated first book on the subject — the culmination of decades of “real life” networking successes.

Whether leading one of her “Women on the Fast Track” meetings, being interviewed by The Wall Street Journal or PINK Magazine, or serving as a keynote speaker at an annual meeting of high-level executives, Lucy offers a fresh perspective on the age-old topic of networking. Through Fast Track Networking, she is able to bring her strategic networking advice to readers nationwide — offering valuable insight into how to make networking work for people in any industry, and in any stage of their career.

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