Business / Entrepreneurial Coaching with Lucy Rosen

Do It Right…Now.

You’ll Be Glad You Did.

 “Do It Right…Now.”  Depending on how you read this statement, this could have two different meanings.  And I’ve got a solution for both of them.

 If you read it as a statement of “Do it right now” – as in, start today on something that you know needs to get done – what I’m offering is a solution that will give you the tools you need to take action – on a timely basis – each and every time an important project, task or “to-do” item is looming.   And, if you read the statement as “Do it right … Now” – my program offers the encouragement, assistance, and insider know-how that will ensure that not only will you get things done, but you’ll get them done right.

In just 9 sessions (a three month, 90 day commitment) you’ll discover what you need to do what needs to get done quicker.  Do it smarter.  Do it better.  And, of course, do it right – and do it right the first time.

I’ve designed the “Do it Right … Now” program in response to the countless people I’ve met who come to me with the same issues.  They know what needs to get done … but somehow are facing both real, and self-created roadblocks that impede them from moving forward.  They’re stuck…or maybe just crawling along slowly to get to their goal.

It’s time to get un-stuck.  With “Do it Right … Now”, you can.  And you will.

Created after years of consulting with and working with some of the most effective business leaders of our time, “Do it Right … Now” is for anyone who:

  • Is a creator, a visionary —  someone who dreams big …but needs a push to take action and actually get started

  • Is a bit frustrated, and overwhelmed,  by all the things it takes to run a business — or even just start a project (especially if you are doing it by yourself)

  • Knows what they want to do, but wants to ensure that they are doing it right

  • Wants a bigger piece of the market … but isn’t sure where to start

  • Knows they need to “get connected” and network … but doesn’t know the best ways to go about it in today’s business environment (and needs the “push” to actually get out there and go)

  • Is a  solo entrepreneur with no business partner to bounce ideas off of … and who could benefit from a not-so-silent partner like the experts behind “Do it Right… Now”

Whats holding you back? Is it fear? Lack of resources? Lack of connections? Lack of time?  Whatever has held you back, it’s time to move forward.  It’s time to Do it Right … Now.  And it’s time to work with someone who is as committed to helping you do it right as you are.

Maybe one of these scenarios sounds like you: 

  • I know I need to get on the social media bandwagon, but I don’t know what to do-

  • I need to update my website, but it costs too much

  • How come other companies are featured in business magazines- I have a story to tell

  • I can’t find the right accountant, attorney, marketing person, assistant

  • I started my business and it’s not growing the way I want it to

  • I want to start a new business- I know what I want to do , but don’t know where to start

  • I’m spinning my wheels and not getting anywhere

  •  I go to hundreds of networking events and never (rarely) get any referrals

Don’t get overwhelmed … and definitely don’t give up and “settle” for doing things the way you always have – when there’s so much more you can (and should) be doing.  With the Do it Right … Now Program you’ll not only learn the strategies to “do it right now”, but discover how you can do whatever you set your mind to doing.

With the Do it Right … Now program, you’ll learn you can do it – and then some.  You can make more money.  You can achieve your goals.  You can be as successful in the businessworld as you want to be — just by taking the first step and calling!

The Do It Right … Now Program offers the step-by-step coaching, the partnership, and the accountability/support you need! It’s a special kind of consulting for the motivated person…with guaranteed results that will transform the way you do business.

With the help from an experienced support team – and a proven business module of success — Do it Right …Now can help you get going on those “big ideas” you’ve been thinking about for so long, including…

  • Writing your book

  • Developing a social network presence

  • Creating a networking circle of influential people

  • Creating a seminar, workshop, symposium or other live event

  • Creating a teleseminar or webinar

  • Develop your own coaching program

  • Learn the in’s and out’s of marketing and public relations

  • Advertise your business

  • Create your own brand

  • Develop a marketing plan that works for you!

  • Start your business

  • Start and write a blog

  • Develop your television show proposal, radio show proposal, column proposal

  • Start a not-for-profit

  • Create a board of advisors

  • Develop your own speaking kit and start public speaking

If you’ve started any of these projects, or thought about starting any of these projects but became overwhelmed, frustrated, stuck at any point, the Get It Done Right … Now program is for you!   And if you know that you’re ready for a change – and you’re ready to truly seize the opportunity to make some of your “big ideas” a reality, you’re ready to Do it Right … Now.

What makes this program different from other programs out there?  It’s all about the personalized, experienced, one-on-one guidance that you’ll receive every step of the way.  I’m going to personally, expertly – and excitedly — walk you through step by step on what to do , how to do it, how to do it right- so you can get it done –right — and move on to the next project (which I’m sure will already be brewing in your head!)

In addition to teaching you how to Do it Right…Now, I’m your accountability partner, your support system, your guide- and will be there for you at all times during the course of the program — guiding, teaching, supporting you from our initial conversation through to the end of the nine weeks (and beyond.)  Together, we will:

  • Get clarity around your ideas and vision

  • Break down your project into a step by step action plan

  • Learn how to ask for help and where to go to get it

And, most importantly,  We will Get It Done….Right.   Together.

How do you know I’m the right person to help you? Well… After almost 27 years of working with people , I’ve perfected the art of movement towards a person’s goal, vision, what they want- and am able to clearly see the steps you need to take in order to make your dreams a reality.  I’ve done it time and time again and know how to get things done- quickly, resourcefully, with the connections, the strategies and the skills that it takes.

But don’t take my word for it- Ask me for testimonials, I’ll happily share them. Take a look at my bio — does this read like a bio of someone who doesn’t know how to get things done? Spend time with me over a day, or a week, and really move… move towards what you know that you want- if you are willing to do what it takes, I will take you there.

So, what is it that we do during these nine weeks together?

Let me take you through Step One… The Visioning Step.

During this key step, we’ll take a close look — together – at the core of your vision/project … identifying your exact goals – and together developing a specific, and manageable,  roadmap to get  you there.  We’ll look at the most important aspects that will affect the overall success of your project, including:

  • Is your vision/project clear?

Together we will determine if your vision really meets your end goal- and what you want to have come out of achieving your vision

  • What will working on this project do for you and/or your business

Together we will look at whether your goal/project is just something that sounds like fun but really won’t take you where you want to go professionally and/or personally …or whether it is the project that can literally change your life forever.  Or somewhere in between.  The key is, we’ll talk it through – and decide if this project fits the overall plan for your life … and we’ll take it from there.      

I know what you’re thinking.  That sounds simple enough. I can do that alone.

Well, think some more.  If that was the case, you would have already done it, wouldn’t you?

Onwards to Step Two  …Developing Your “Action Plan”

With your vision clear, you’re ready to move on.  Now what?

This is usually the point in every good “idea person’s” game plan where the good idea kind of fizzles out.  Maybe it’s because, alone, it’s too overwhelming.  Maybe it’s because you’re apprehensive about what steps to take.  Or maybe it’s because you just don’t have someone right there beside you who is as committed to seeing your idea through to success as you are.

With Do it Right … Now, all of that changes.  We break it down for you into manageable, easy to follow action steps that not only get you going, but keep you going.  During this stage, I will provide you with the tools, resources, and insider information to break down your project into those key “manageable steps” that will take you through your whole project easily – and seamlessly.  What’s more, I will keep encouraging you towards the end result — and I will keep you accountable in doing so!

Again, sounds simple, right? Still don’t think you need some help in this area?  If it were so easy, you’d already be doing it, wouldn’t you?   So why aren’t you … and why are you still doing the same thing everyday, and not moving towards your greatness in the world?

Ready to call me and find out how Do it Right …Now is the help you need?  Or do you still need some convincing?  If so, read on to Step Three…

Step 3…You can’t do this alone.

Here’s where it really gets good.  Who do you need on your team to help you? With my hundreds of valuable contacts, let me help guide you towards finding the right people, with the right skills to help you towards your vision.

What do you need to do yourself and what time are you wasting on things you should be delegating? Let’s create your  team of support people- people who you can work with to get it done right….now.

I’ve got so many people for you to meet … and so many people who can help you Do it Right … Now.  People who have “done it right” themselves – and who can help you turn your dream into a reality.

Step 4.- 9…

I’m not telling you anymore.  You can experience them when you start working with me!

Those are the steps.  But there’s so much more.  You get more than just a Nine Step program when you Do it Right … Now.  You get … me.  100% dedicated to seeing your project through to completion.

Wondering what’s so great about that?  For starters, I have an action-oriented style that keeps things moving —  you, your project, anything- movement is the name of the game (and the key to my own success in business.)  If you’ve been working and working and can’t get your project off the ground, let me help you!

I can hear you now.  “But you don’t know my industry!”

Actually, I bet I do —  or if I don’t, I know someone who does- and who is willing to help you.

Take a look at just some of the things I’ve done, people I’ve helped – and projects I’ve helped launch and “do right” over the past few years alone:

  • Help open the first holistic dental practice in NYC

  • Started three not for profit organizations and assist in raising multi millions for them

  • Grew two food distributorships through the roof

  • Wrote three book proposals — and secured three book deals

  • Launched two fashion/accessory products and landed them on the pages of national press outlets

  • Tripled a financial planners earnings

  • Started new practice areas within a law firm

  • Helped entrepreneurs and companies win awards and be recognized for their accomplishments

  • Wrote a television pilot

  • Started two companies from scratch

  • Spoke at three national conventions and helped dozens of others get their material together to do so too

  • Wrote two dozens marketing plans that were funded by either traditional sources or angel investors

  • Created a press-worth story and national coverage for a Trash Removal Company! (If I can do that, I can do anything!)

  • Worked with several faith-based organizations to increase their congregation

  • Helped a fertility doctor start an annual event

  • Took a no-name realtor to “the go-to” realtor

  • Assisted in the creation of several annual “happenings” in and around NY

  • Developed brands and brand awareness for over 30 companies

  • Started a networking group in a city that had zero members and took it to 100 in less than a year

You think I can’t help you? I think otherwise.  In fact, I am so confident that if you do what I tell you to do each step of us working together- that if you do everything and it just doesn’t work for some reason, I will refund your money at the end of 9 sessions. Plus, I will give you an extra $100 just for being right!

What do you have to lose here? If we don’t accomplish what we set out to accomplish together- and you do what you are supposed to do to move you closer to getting what you want- you are going to actually make money!

So… How much is this going to cost me? This 9 part Do It Right…Now program?

Not as much as it’s going to cost you if you don’t do it.  Think about the time you’ve wasted already – and the other projects and business-building activities you could be doing if you could only get this one going.  Working with me is going to make you money, not cost you anything in the long run – but of course, there is a fee to work with me.  The fee for the nine-week “Do it Right … Now” program is $1,444.00 … and here’s exactly what you get:

  • A 90 minute face-to-face first step meeting – and the launching pad of your plan of action!

  • Three months of intensive, one-on-one work- that includes: three calls per month (each an hour in length); unlimited emails back and forth; all the worksheets, formulas, secrets that I know … and more!

  • Specific set aside time to  work on your project- with check in times with me.- before and after to discuss your progress.

  • A monitored and tracked “virtual work day”- where once a month you agree that your entire day is spent on your project with a follow up call immediately following your day. (9-4)

  • One face to face meeting/consultation session per month- or a drop off of materials for me to review and make suggestions /corrections/ideas/etc..

  • (Value: Priceless or $250.00 per hour, depending on how you look at it)

  • My rolodex of contacts and personal introductions to anyone you want to meet (Value:  Priceless)

  • My press list and press contacts in virtually every industry you can think of . (Value: Priceless)

Payments: You can pay in several ways- check, money order, credit card of one payment of $1,444.00.  Or, if you’d prefer, you can make two equal payments of:  $722.00 in the form of check or cash (you can also use your credit card for the two payments, but will be charged a handling fee of $25.00.)  If you choose to make two payments, the first one is due before our first session, and the second is due by the beginning of the second month.  (note:  payments made after the first day of the second month are subject to a $20.00 late fee, per day. Keeps you accountable, doesn’t it?)

Wait a minute, you’re probably thinking…

“That sounds pretty cheap. You are going to do all of this work for $1,444.00???”

Well actually, no.  I’m not doing anything other than moving you forward with the tools, strategies, techniques, guidance, inspiration and PLAN to get you to do it is that you’ve always talked about/though about … but never done!  So although it may sound cheap in today’s business marketplace (where one-day courses can sometimes run for as much), what you’re actually getting is more than priceless.

“Isn’t this what a Coach does? I’ve worked with Coaches before …and it didn’t work.”

There are some major differences between what a Coach can offer you and what I bring to the table – especially the many coaches that are out there promising that they can help you successfully launch a new idea, write a book or grow your business to a new level is that most of them just don’t have my background.

-They haven’t actually done what it is that they are coaching.  I have.

-They haven’t started companies, they haven’t launched products, they haven’t  written books (well, most of them, at least.) I have.

- They don’t have more than 27 years of experience in doing this. And countless “success stories” of people who they have helped not only achieve their goals, but surpass them.  I do.  And I want to share my expertise with you … and count you as my next success story.

Why are you willing to give this away?”

I’m not… It’s going to cost you. It’s going to cost you $1, 444.00.  Perhaps more than you wanted to spend right now … but perhaps the best money you’ll ever spend.

What’s it going to cost you if you don’t do it?  Another year of putting off that “big business idea” and the chance that someone else will beat you to it?  The lost profits based on a less streamlined way of thinking/working/managing your time?  The sidelined  dreams of writing that book, launching that product, starting that company … with nobody to fault but yourself for not taking those important first steps?

What’s it worth to you to Do it Right … Now?  Well, only you can really answer that.  And only you can take that first step and call or email – now – to start the ball rolling.  Once that ball starts, I know there will be no stopping you … and I’ll be here to guide you down the right path the whole way as together, we Do it Right … Now.

Call or email me today.  You’ll be glad you took that first step.  And I’ll be thrilled to take it from there – and help take you and your business to exactly where you want to go by Doing it right.  Doing it now.  And Doing it … together.